Friday Faves




  1. Poweradd Travel Power Adapter Kit

As you may have gathered by now, I love to travel. It feeds my soul. I know, so dramatic, but it’s true! So I have to bring you my best travel finds.  A travel adapter is a necessity when traveling abroad. So far I’ve used this particular one in Jordan, Israel, and Germany without incident…aka nothing was fried. I used it with my curling iron, straightener, iPhone, and travel steamer and it worked perfectly! This is big because when I studied abroad in Spain, I fried my straightener with a different converter.  Can you say frizzy hair? My sister-in-law got this one for me from Amazon and it comes with five adapters for the most common plug-ins. I also love that is has two USB ports. It makes charging my phone super easy. It comes in this great little drawstring bag to keep it all contained too.

NOTE: This is not a voltage converter. This adapter will work for your basic needs, but not for anything more powerful. Always check the voltage of the country you’re traveling to and see if you need a voltage converter. 

And when I’m not gallivanting around the world, I can use it at home for an easy charging station! 

2. Throat Coat Tea

This tea has been helping me get over a cold for the past week. First off, it’s organic which is always a must with tea. Second, it has lots of great herbs such as licorice root and marshmallow to soothe my throat as well as echinacea for it’s immune boosting properties. I like this one too because it has lemon in it. I also like to add a fresh squeeze of lemon juice and a little Manuka honey.  Drink a couple cups of this and your throat will thank you! You can find it at most grocery stores or online at or 

3. Costco Organic Sweet Potatoes

Ok, I know this one might seem weird, but stay with me. Costco sells a 10b bag of ORGANIC sweet potatoes for $10.99. Now that’s a bargain! And with the way I go through sweet potatoes, this is a major score. I think sweet potatoes must be in my top ten favorite foods. They always sound good. And I can do so much with them! From straight up sweet potato fries, to baked and loaded, to noodles, to cubed for breakfast hash, the list goes on and on! Plus they’re an excellent source of vitamin A. These should be a staple in your pantry. I’ll get off my sweet potato soap box now. 

4. Perfect Bar- Dark Chocolate PB with a touch of sea salt

I’m sure you’re familiar with Perfect Bars by now, but have you tried this new flavor? It’ll rock your world. I mean how can you go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter? You can’t. Plus, somehow they sneak in 20 superfoods into each bar! Eating your veggies never tasted so good. They are always gluten-free, kosher, and non-gmo. Other flavors I love are Coconut PB, Carob Chip, and Fruit and Nut. They offer a vegan option as well. These are so great when on the go. You’ll find them in the refrigerated section at your grocery store. Costco also carries them but they only offer three flavors. Or you can order them directly from their site. Right now they are offering free shipping with your first order! Yay! 

Well that’s a wrap for this Friday! I’m going to be doing these every other week now. (I think I was a little over zealous at the beginning) 

Friday Faves



Hello beautiful people! I’ve rounded up a mix of what I’m currently digging. I hope you enjoy!

1. EPIC Bars

So this is jerky but on a whole other level. These meat bars are the perfect paleo, gluten free, healthy snack that travels well and packs a huge protein punch. It keeps you satisfied when you can’t sit down and eat a meal. The reason I like the EPIC brand is because their meats are grassfed and don’t have any fillers. They are as clean as it comes. They have a variety of options-bars, bites, and strips and they come in chicken, turkey, beef, bison, pork, venison, even salmon! You can get them at Whole Foods, on Thrive Market, Amazon, and even Trader Joe’s carries them now! 

2. Everfitte 

I started following Everfitte on Instagram a few years ago and they have not disappointed. I want all their hoodies and shirts! They have the best sayings. It’s always exactly what I’m thinking! I’ve bought multiple shirts for myself and given them as gifts as well. When you find a company that just gets it,  you keep going back to them. They sell through Easy and you can also find some of their stuff on Amazon. 

3. Tone It Up

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE GIRLS! Karena and Katrina started this company and they have taken social media by storm in the fitness industry. They’ve created this amazing online community of women who support each as we all work on getting healthier. One of their big pushes every year is their bikini series challenge in the summer. It’s free to sign up and follow along. They’ll send you the weekly workout schedule and you have this whole community doing it with you. You can follow them on Instagram @toneitup. They are down to earth and super motivating. Definitely check them out!

4. Adidas Gazelle Sneakers

I fell in love with these shoes a couple months ago and finally bought them a few weeks ago since they were finally on sale. Are they not the cutest things ever!? They match every outfit and have this amazingly comfortable insole. I got mine at Macy’s, but you can find them online or at many different stores. Isn’t crazy how Adidas has made a comeback? I love it! I may have bought an Adidas muscle tank too. For less than $60 bucks, you can’t beat it! Lots of colors to choose from too. 

Instant Pot Shredded Beef
Perfectly spiced shredded beef in an hour.
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
1 hr
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
1 hr
  1. 3 pounds grassfed beef chuck roast, cut into large sections
  2. 1 onion chopped
  3. 6 garlic cloves
  4. 1 4oz can green chiles
  5. 1 TBLS oregano
  6. 1 tsp salt
  7. 1 tsp pepper
  8. 1 tsp chili powder
  9. 1/2 tsp chili flakes
  10. 1 TBLS cumin
  11. Juice of two limes
  12. 1/2 cup water
  13. 3 TBLS coconut aminos
  14. 1 can diced tomatoes
  15. 1 tsp garlic powder
  1. Place all ingredients in your Instant Pot.
  2. Push the manual button and set the time for 60 minutes.
  3. Make sure the lid is securely on and the vent is set to closed.
  4. Let the Instant Pot work its magic and in an hour you'll have delicate, shredded beef.
  5. Be careful releasing the steam.
  6. Once done, shred with a fork and use for tacos, burrito bowls, salad or anything else!
I Am The Fit Baker

This shredded beef lasts for days! The first night I used it for burrito bowls, then I used it for stuffed peppers, and I also took it for lunch. It’s so convenient to have good, quality meat on hand and ready to go.

Let me know what you think of this recipe and how you used your shredded beef!

Friday Faves- Foodie Edition



This week I’m bringing you some of my fav food finds, and no, nothing contains pumpkin! I like pumpkin, but it gets kinda crazy this time of year. These are just a few random items that I’m really into right now. It was hard to narrow down just four! I’ll have many more to share in the future though!  

  1. Califia Cold Brew

I ordered this off of Thrive just to have on hand. At first it was kinda intense but now I add a little water to it and it’s perfect. I also add half and half to mine. Sorry, but I’m not giving up my cream!  I know it’s dairy, but I’ve yet to find anything as good as straight up half and half…organic of course. 🙂 This cold brew is great because it’s ready to go. No prep work here. I keep mine at the office so I can have a glass in the afternoon. No added sweetener either! You can find it on-line at Thrive or in select stores. 

2. Primal Kitchen Chipotle Lime Mayo

THIS IS A STAPLE IN MY KITCHEN! I absolutely love this mayo!!!! It hits all the marks: paleo, clean, healthy, and allergy free. It’s sugar-free and made with avocado oil. It’s paleo and Whole30 approved! Just do me a favor and check them out on Thrive Market or directly through their website: Their regular mayo is delightful as well. I use them on my burgers. I dip my sweet potatoes in them. And you can feel good about no weird ingredients. You’ll get your healthy fats in by slathering this goodness on everything! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I can’t say enough good about this stuff. Just tell me you’ll try it…OK? 

3.  Siete Chips

Guilt-free chips? Yes, these are them. Grain free chips that are made with cassava flour. Score! It’s so great to finally have a chip that is actually good for you. They come in three different flavors…lime, sea salt, and nacho. My fav is sea salt. Nachos will never be the same. You can find them on Thrive or at Whole Foods. 

4. Herbamare 

This product was introduced to me by my sis-in-law. It’s a European staple. Herbamare uses salt from the south of France and combines that with organically grown herbs and spices to create this delightful seasoning salt. There’s no MSG. It’s gluten-free and is certified organic. I sprinkle it on my eggs, salad, sweet potato fries and basically anything that I’d usually salt. A little goes  a long way too. You can find it at Whole Foods or on line at Amazon or Thrive Market. 

Well that wraps up this week’s Friday Faves! I hope you enjoyed this special foodie edition. All these products can be found online at Thrive. Just click on the link on the right hand side bar and you’ll be taken directly there. The best part about Thrive is that it’s delivered straight to your door! That means less time spent roaming the grocery store aisles. 

Friday Faves



Hello and welcome to another week of Friday Faves! 

I think everyone is getting into a routine now that it’s September and school has started, but I’m over here like…I don’t have kids. Nothing has changed for this single sister, but I still think Fall is a good time to reset and get in a good routine. 

Without further adieu…”These are a few of my favorite things…” Cue the Sound of Music soundtrack. 🙂 


  1. Food Freedom Forever by Melissa Hartwig

Is it too dramatic to say this book has changed my life??? I don’t think so. Really the Whole30 program changed me, but this book dives deeper into food issues. This book helps you navigate how to live your life after the Whole30. As the title says, ” Letting go of bad habits, guilt and anxiety around food.” Yes it covers all of that and it’s magical. I think everyone has some degree of food issues. Some may be more evident or serious, but I think at some point everyone has dealt with this. I would highly recommend this book to everyone! Even if you’ve never done the Whole30, you can still benefit from reading this. I loved it so much I also bought the audiobook!

2. Aviator Flash Sunglasses by Ray Ban $203

I have had these sunglasses for probably four years and they are still in excellent condition. I need another pair in a different color because I’m always wearing them in pics. These sunglasses are definitley worth the money to me. I have the polarized ones which help protect your eyes and give you a clearer lens. I find that in other sunglasses I’m still squinting, but not in these. Aviators are such a classic look too, but the mirrored green lens give it a trendy update. I’ve worn them all around the world and for hours at a time and they don’t leave marks or dig in on my nose. They are light, yet protective. And if you get them from Sunglass Hut, they will fix them for free if something should happen or if you just need them adjusted. They come in many different colors or you can even build a custom pair. 

3. The Health App-FREE!

Did you know that if you have an iPhone then your steps are being counted all the time??? Pretty cool. You don’t have to do anything. Just open up the app and it’ll tell you how far you walked today, how many steps you took, and how many flights of stairs you climbed. No need to download it either. It’s automatically on your phone when you get it. There’s a lot more that you can program the app for, but I use it just for tracking my steps. I’ve been walking at least 10,000 steps a day and it’s been perfect to have my phone track it all. I didn’t have to buy another gadget. Just make sure to put your phone on airplane mode while you walk so you’re not getting  radiation emitting from it. That would be counter productive. 🙂 Give it a go and tell me what you think!

4. Activ Whey Goat Protein Powder $3-$56

Guys, this protein powder is off the hook! It checks all the boxes for me. It’s about the cleanest protein powder you’re going to find out there. Now don’t be scared off by “goat whey”. Everyone has heard of whey, but not many are familiar with goat whey. It’s simple; it’s whey protein from goats. Using goat whey makes this protein powder super easy to digest. Lots of people have issues with the dairy in traditional whey, but using goat eliminates that because it’s one of the most easily digestible foods on the planet. I’ve never felt bloated after drinking this or had gas. Bonus: the goats are only grassfed and graze freely! No antibiotics. Insert score emoji here! This protein powder only has three ingredients: the grassfed goat whey, either unsweetened vanilla or cocoa powder, and stevia. That’s it! The chocolate comes in single serving packets which are super convenient post workout. I hear they are coming out with vanilla ones too! Of course, you can always buy the tub to have at home too. 

I’d love to hear if you have tried any of the Friday Faves suggestions and what you thought! You can find me on Instagram @iamthefitbaker

See you next week!

Friday Faves












TGIF! It’s officially the start of a long weekend! Bring on the Labor Day weekend! The summer heat is still here in Seattle, but it’s starting to feel like the season is changing with school starting and getting back into a routine. I’m already seeing pumpkin everywhere and it’s only September 1st! 

I have another roundup of a few of my favorite things. I hope these posts are helpful to you guys! I love doing them. 🙂 

So here’s what I have for you this week:

  1. Bambu Earth Dry Shampoo $22

These days dry shampoo is essential to life. I can’t even remember what I did before it…wash my hair every day??? What was I thinking! 🙂 I have tried numerous dry shampoos, but this one is my favorite. I have dark brown hair so the normal, white powder ones make my hair look ashy and gray. This one is specifically for dark hair! Hooray! It blends in so well with my color that you can’t even see it. They also have one for lighter colored hair. I find that this dry shampoo is finer too which I think helps it absorb into the hair better. Bonus: It’s all natural without any talc or harmful chemicals! GurlGoneGreen showed me this one and I’ve never looked back since. Give it a try! 

2. Anker Portable Charger $17.99

First world problems….your iPhone battery is almost out of juice and you’re at your favorite concert! Enter the Anker portable charger. This little guy is a powerhouse. My sister-in-law gave it to me for my birthday for an upcoming trip to Israel and Jordan. And boy was I glad she did! I can’t tell you how many times I used it on my trip and my friends were able to use it too. I was able to capture all the pics and videos I wanted because I wasn’t worried about saving my battery. This is a must if you travel very often. I don’t always have access to plug in at an actual outlet and this portable charger gives me the freedom to charged up wherever I am. Also, it’s super compact and fits into your pocket easily. 

3. Fabletics Salar Capri $34.95

I am so digging these capris right now! They are my favorite go-to workout pants at the moment. I bought one gray pair when I first signed up for Fabletics and immediately fell in love. I ended up buying two more pairs in different colors! They stay put even when doing Crossfit, but are also great for walking or even running errands. They are medium compression and have a little inside pocket for a key or card. My favorite thing about these pants is that they are seamless which gives your legs a uniform look. (Just make sure to wear seamless undies!) If you’re not already signed up for Fabletics, you definitely should look into it. Your first purchase is significantly discounted so even if you don’t buy anything else at least you got a great deal! Just remember, once you sign up you will be charged $49.95 every month unless you make sure to “skip” it at the beginning of the month. There’s no limit to how many months you skip. 

4. La Croix- Cherry Lime

I am obsessed with every kind of sparkling water, but Cherry Lime La Croix takes the cake for my favorite. It reminds me of my college days when I would go to Sonic and get a cherry limeade during happy hour -true story. I just love the combination of cherry and lime and if you add a few drops of stevia it’s absolute bliss! You can find this flavor at Whole Foods or Target. 

Well that’s a wrap for this week! Tell me in the comments below what your favorite La Croix flavors is or what brand of capris you’re loving! 

Friday Faves




I’m starting a weekly post called Friday Faves where I share with you all my favorite things I’m currently loving. I love curating! There’s so many fun things out there from clothes to healthy eats to random finds. I’ll take them all for a test run and then pick out my favs. 

So without further adieu, here’s this week’s Friday Faves!

1. Reebok Crossfit Grace Shoes in Mist $99

I got these shoes as a gift a few months ago and have totally fallen in love with them! Not only are they super cute, but they are also really comfortable. I can wear them to work out, but they also look great with yoga pants running errands. I have had numerous pairs of Crossfit shoes in the past and so far these are my favs! They come in other colors too and at only $99- why not get a couple pairs! 🙂 

2. Maple Sea Salt RXBAR

Notice I didn’t say RXBAR in general, although I really like all the flavors, because maple sea salt is hands down my favorite flavor. I could eat one every day and not get tired of it. I actually have started to crave them! A close running up would be the chocolate sea salt flavor. RXBARS are great because they are made with real, whole ingredients. What you see on the label is all that’s in them. They are great for traveling too. You can find some of the flavors at Trader Joe’s and I think most grocery stores carry them now. And if you can’t find them in store, them you can always order online! 

3. Fifty/Fifty Water Bottle

I love this water bottle! I found out about it through someone’s Instagram post. They had a white one with the Hawaiian islands on it and I knew I had to investigate. I was happy to find out that it was stainless steel inside! My parents went to Hawaii recently and I tasked them with finding the water bottle for me. (they don’t have the Hawaii one on the mainland) They come in multiple colors, but I love Hawaii so that one was perfect for me. They run around $20-$30 depending on what size you get. It’s great too because you can put a hot drink in it and it’ll stay hot! It’s kinda like a thermos. You can find them at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Amazon, or directly from their website. 


4. Old Navy Athletic Tank Tops

These tanks are great for working out, running errands, or even wearing to bed! It’s fun to mix it up with some cheeky saying tanks. I couldn’t pass up this “Lunges & Lattes” one. It’s so me and I love the forest green color. At $10 or less, you can spice up your wardrobe without breaking the bank. I think I might have to pick up a few more! 🙂 Check out all the sayings on their website!

What are some of your favorite finds? 

Post Vacation Real Talk

Trips and vacations sure are fun, but coming back to real life can be hard. I’ve learned that first hand. It’s easy to let loose a little on vacation when it comes to eating because you want to try new foods and celebrate a bit. I get it! It’s been hard for me to get back on a healthy eating plan since I’ve been back. I don’t have any concrete solutions, but I think it’s good to know that not everyone jumps right back into their exercise and healthy eating routine. It’s a process sometimes.

I’d love to hear how you get back on track after a trip!

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My Gluten Free Story

There’s so much talk these days about going gluten-free. Seems like everyone is getting on the GF bandwagon. I personally don’t  believe it’s a fad. I think most people can benefit from eating a gluten-free diet, especially with all the highly processed grains out there now. On the other hand, eating a gluten-free cupcake isn’t necessarily healthy either. Just because something is GF doesn’t mean it’s healthy. You can still easily gain weight on a GF diet. Simply swapping out a normal piece of brand for a GF piece of bread isn’t going to get you any health gains. At the beginning of my GF journey, I thought this was the case though. I said, ” It’s GF! I can eat as much as I want! Who cares if it’s sugar filled because it’s GF!” I quickly learned that was not the right approach and since then I’ve made major diet changes. (Hello Whole30!) Now I incorporate more veggies in place of the GF substitutes. Don’t get me wrong, I still like to have cookies, ice cream, and birthday cake every now and then, but now I can make it GF and not feel terrible after eating it! 

I hope after hearing my story about going GF and all the benefits I’ve reaped from it, that you’ll consider eliminating gluten from your diet for a period of time and see how you feel. 

Press play to hear my story!

I’d love to hear your stories and comments about going GF!

Comment below and find me on Instagram @iamthefitbaker


Not My Bikini Body-Unmet Goals



For my 30th birthday I went to Oahu with my sisters. We had a blast! Being a Seattle girl, it’s not hard to appreciate some sunshine. In the past, I would have totally splurged and eaten anything I wanted. Hey, it’s my birthday after all! But this trip was different. I realized I REALLY have changed. The biggest change happened in my mind and how I thought about food. I told myself I could have whatever I wanted, but to make it worth it. I didn’t even feel tempted by those sugary tropical drinks or the ice cream shop with waffle cones wafting through the air. On my actual birthday all I ended up wanting was chocolate covered macadamia nuts. Crazy right? But that’s what I truly wanted and what sounded good. I didn’t put pressure on myself to have a ridiculously indulgent dessert just because it was my birthday. (Big part of this revelation came from reading “Food, Freedom, Forever“)

On the flip side, I had set a goal for myself to wear a bikini in Hawaii for my 30th birthday. I’ve had this goal for over a year and I’ve slowly been working towards it. As my birthday drew closer, I kinda figured out that I wouldn’t be wearing that bikini. I initially felt deflated. I felt like I had been working so hard for so long and had hardly made any progress. It was discouraging to say the least. To me a bikini symbolizes finally feeling comfortable with my body. Kinda like a sense of freedom. Like I have nothing to hide. Like I don’t need to figure out just the right outfit to camouflage my belly fat. So wearing a bikini would have been a big deal, but alas, it didn’t happen. 

Check out my video for how I dealt with this major letdown. 

I’d love to hear how you deal with unmet goals! How do you bounce back? Comment below and tag me in your posts on Instagram @iamthefitbaker