A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action- Toby Keith



This video came to mind when I was thinking about this post’s topic: ACTION! It’s all about taking action. I’ve realized over the years that I have all the knowledge I need but when it comes to actually doing the work, I stop short. And when I say that I have the knowledge…I mean my brother AND his wife are both Naturopathic doctors! Plus my brother is a certified trainer! So needless to say, I can’t use the excuse that, “I just never knew!” because I know full well what to do.  I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve talked to my brother about weight-loss but he always encourages me and is willing to give me advice…again.  So I  have all the tools  I need, if I could only put them  into ACTION! I realized that I had the mindset that everything had to be perfect before I could begin losing weight.  For example, I would tell myself, “I should start at the first of the month, get a fresh start, that way I can finish Jillian Michaels’ book and that will get me motivated and I’ll have time to plan the whole month’s meals out.” (I know, lofty thinking.) Instead of just taking action with my next decision, I felt like everything had to be perfect before I could start. Now, I’m trying to make every choice count. I think, “Will eating this cookie bring me closer to my goal or take me further away?” I’m taking action now with each decision. Instead of just knowing how to lose weight and eat right; I am doing the things I know. Instead of telling everyone around me what the best foods to eat and how to exercise to lose weight, I’m taking my own advice! I am through being a weight-loss hypocrite! I want to be the real deal. As Toby Keith says, “A little less talk and a lot more action!” Let’s make every decision, even the small ones, count today! Take action toward your goal.  Don’t just talk with your friends about it or put it on the to-do list but take ACTION with your next decision. Every little step counts!


P.S.  I hope you like country music because it really cranks my tractor! 🙂 I’m a big fan of all things country. You can be sure that this will NOT be my last post with country music references!