Whole30 take two!


So I started the Whole 30 last Monday. So far, so good. I’ve done it once before and had great results. My sugar cravings subsided, my skin was clear, I wasn’t obsessing over everything I put in my mouth and on top of all that, I lost 12lbs! Sometimes I wonder why I ever went back to my old ways. I felt so great, but those old habits slowly crept back. I generally eat healthy, but must confess that sugar is my downfall. I end up in a sugar tailspin if I start eating it. That’s the main reason I wanted to do the Whole30 again.

Before I started the Whole30, I was counting my macros-protein, fat, and carbs. You may have heard the term “flexible dieting”, which is macro counting. I know people who have had great success with this type of eating, and I know it works*, but after doing it for a couple months I realized my cravings didn’t subside. I wasn’t truly changing my eating habits. I was working cookies, crackers, and sugars into my macro count, and it dawned on me that I wasn’t really changing. I was doing the same old thing and going through the same cycle of cravings. I was still emotionally tied to food and I want to be done with that! I’m so tired of food controlling me!!!

So, that’s why I decided to start the Whole30.  I want to slay my sugar dragon. I don’t want to give sugar a foothold in my life any longer. Isn’t it exhausting to be a slave to your cravings?

*I think macro counting is awesome and I don’t want anyone to think I’m discounting it. I’ve seen firsthand the results it produces and it’s phenomenal. I’ll probably try it again once I conquer my food issues. 🙂