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Hello and welcome to another week of Friday Faves! 

I think everyone is getting into a routine now that it’s September and school has started, but I’m over here like…I don’t have kids. Nothing has changed for this single sister, but I still think Fall is a good time to reset and get in a good routine. 

Without further adieu…”These are a few of my favorite things…” Cue the Sound of Music soundtrack. 🙂 


  1. Food Freedom Forever by Melissa Hartwig

Is it too dramatic to say this book has changed my life??? I don’t think so. Really the Whole30 program changed me, but this book dives deeper into food issues. This book helps you navigate how to live your life after the Whole30. As the title says, ” Letting go of bad habits, guilt and anxiety around food.” Yes it covers all of that and it’s magical. I think everyone has some degree of food issues. Some may be more evident or serious, but I think at some point everyone has dealt with this. I would highly recommend this book to everyone! Even if you’ve never done the Whole30, you can still benefit from reading this. I loved it so much I also bought the audiobook!

2. Aviator Flash Sunglasses by Ray Ban $203

I have had these sunglasses for probably four years and they are still in excellent condition. I need another pair in a different color because I’m always wearing them in pics. These sunglasses are definitley worth the money to me. I have the polarized ones which help protect your eyes and give you a clearer lens. I find that in other sunglasses I’m still squinting, but not in these. Aviators are such a classic look too, but the mirrored green lens give it a trendy update. I’ve worn them all around the world and for hours at a time and they don’t leave marks or dig in on my nose. They are light, yet protective. And if you get them from Sunglass Hut, they will fix them for free if something should happen or if you just need them adjusted. They come in many different colors or you can even build a custom pair. 

3. The Health App-FREE!

Did you know that if you have an iPhone then your steps are being counted all the time??? Pretty cool. You don’t have to do anything. Just open up the app and it’ll tell you how far you walked today, how many steps you took, and how many flights of stairs you climbed. No need to download it either. It’s automatically on your phone when you get it. There’s a lot more that you can program the app for, but I use it just for tracking my steps. I’ve been walking at least 10,000 steps a day and it’s been perfect to have my phone track it all. I didn’t have to buy another gadget. Just make sure to put your phone on airplane mode while you walk so you’re not getting  radiation emitting from it. That would be counter productive. 🙂 Give it a go and tell me what you think!

4. Activ Whey Goat Protein Powder $3-$56

Guys, this protein powder is off the hook! It checks all the boxes for me. It’s about the cleanest protein powder you’re going to find out there. Now don’t be scared off by “goat whey”. Everyone has heard of whey, but not many are familiar with goat whey. It’s simple; it’s whey protein from goats. Using goat whey makes this protein powder super easy to digest. Lots of people have issues with the dairy in traditional whey, but using goat eliminates that because it’s one of the most easily digestible foods on the planet. I’ve never felt bloated after drinking this or had gas. Bonus: the goats are only grassfed and graze freely! No antibiotics. Insert score emoji here! This protein powder only has three ingredients: the grassfed goat whey, either unsweetened vanilla or cocoa powder, and stevia. That’s it! The chocolate comes in single serving packets which are super convenient post workout. I hear they are coming out with vanilla ones too! Of course, you can always buy the tub to have at home too. 

I’d love to hear if you have tried any of the Friday Faves suggestions and what you thought! You can find me on Instagram @iamthefitbaker

See you next week!

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