Friday Faves




  1. Poweradd Travel Power Adapter Kit

As you may have gathered by now, I love to travel. It feeds my soul. I know, so dramatic, but it’s true! So I have to bring you my best travel finds.  A travel adapter is a necessity when traveling abroad. So far I’ve used this particular one in Jordan, Israel, and Germany without incident…aka nothing was fried. I used it with my curling iron, straightener, iPhone, and travel steamer and it worked perfectly! This is big because when I studied abroad in Spain, I fried my straightener with a different converter.  Can you say frizzy hair? My sister-in-law got this one for me from Amazon and it comes with five adapters for the most common plug-ins. I also love that is has two USB ports. It makes charging my phone super easy. It comes in this great little drawstring bag to keep it all contained too.

NOTE: This is not a voltage converter. This adapter will work for your basic needs, but not for anything more powerful. Always check the voltage of the country you’re traveling to and see if you need a voltage converter. 

And when I’m not gallivanting around the world, I can use it at home for an easy charging station! 

2. Throat Coat Tea

This tea has been helping me get over a cold for the past week. First off, it’s organic which is always a must with tea. Second, it has lots of great herbs such as licorice root and marshmallow to soothe my throat as well as echinacea for it’s immune boosting properties. I like this one too because it has lemon in it. I also like to add a fresh squeeze of lemon juice and a little Manuka honey.  Drink a couple cups of this and your throat will thank you! You can find it at most grocery stores or online at or 

3. Costco Organic Sweet Potatoes

Ok, I know this one might seem weird, but stay with me. Costco sells a 10b bag of ORGANIC sweet potatoes for $10.99. Now that’s a bargain! And with the way I go through sweet potatoes, this is a major score. I think sweet potatoes must be in my top ten favorite foods. They always sound good. And I can do so much with them! From straight up sweet potato fries, to baked and loaded, to noodles, to cubed for breakfast hash, the list goes on and on! Plus they’re an excellent source of vitamin A. These should be a staple in your pantry. I’ll get off my sweet potato soap box now. 

4. Perfect Bar- Dark Chocolate PB with a touch of sea salt

I’m sure you’re familiar with Perfect Bars by now, but have you tried this new flavor? It’ll rock your world. I mean how can you go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter? You can’t. Plus, somehow they sneak in 20 superfoods into each bar! Eating your veggies never tasted so good. They are always gluten-free, kosher, and non-gmo. Other flavors I love are Coconut PB, Carob Chip, and Fruit and Nut. They offer a vegan option as well. These are so great when on the go. You’ll find them in the refrigerated section at your grocery store. Costco also carries them but they only offer three flavors. Or you can order them directly from their site. Right now they are offering free shipping with your first order! Yay! 

Well that’s a wrap for this Friday! I’m going to be doing these every other week now. (I think I was a little over zealous at the beginning)